About My Blog

What This Blog Is For

We are working tirelessly to give you the most necessary information, guidelines and reviews about different types of motorcycles as well as updating you on what is trending in the world of bikes.

With Bonaire Bikers, you won’t miss out on great motorbike races. You won’t miss out on the latest motorcycle models in the market. You will increase your body of knowledge on superbikes and comparison between different types of motorbikes.

We update trending news about world races. We appreciate that some of our readers follow closely world racing competitions. This blog will keep your dream alive and with time, you will grow with us to realize your dream.

About Me

I am a passionate lover of motorbikes. I love everything about motorbikes. Because they are that close to my heart, it is my ultimate joy to stir things up in the world of motorbikes positively. It gives me a lot of pleasure to inspire my fellow bikers by helping them to realize their dreams as I strive to recognize mine.

I know you’re wondering about how I came up with the name Bonaire Bikers. Bonaire is an island known for its incredible diving in the Dutch Caribbean. Bikers came up as a result of my passion for motorcycles. The combination of the two words sounded to be a perfect match for a name of an excellent blog.

Bonaire Bikers is for every biker. Its mission is to see every biker living his or her dream. This is possible because you now have a pillar. A stepping-stone to dream actualization. Well, you know what to do. Stick with us.