The Case For The Coolest Motorcycles Of All Time

Over the years, there have been some incredible motorcycles hit the pavement. These amazing machines are loved by motorcycle devotees. Motorcycles are both complicated and straightforward. They are the ultimate example of form meeting function, yet they their character and attitude. Some are all chrome, while others are matte black with flames. No matter what color or brand, motorcycles are much more than transportation. They represent different things to different people. To some, they represent freedom and to others, power and beauty. When it comes to cool, these bikes represent the coolest motorcycles of all time.

Triumph Bonneville

When someone draws a picture of their favorite motorcycle, chances are it will look like the Triumph Bonneville. This is the motorcycle that represents cool. This motorcycle was named after the land speed record set in Bonneville in 1956 by Jack Wilson. The Bonneville was an immediate success when it was released in 1959. Helping the Bonneville reach legendary status were the coolest actors of the day including Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, and Elvis Presley who all road the Bonneville.

Ducati 916

The Ducati is part of an elite group of machines which have transcended their industries to become icons in popular culture. Along with the Aston Martin DB5 and the Boeing 747, the Ducati is considered a timeless and iconic bike. The ultimate in 90s cool, the Ducati was featured in both films and videos and was even recognized for its artistic design by the Guggenheim Museum. In addition to all of these accolades, this motorcycle can also perform. The winner of both national and international championships, the Ducati has indeed captured the public’s imagination.

KTM Super Duke

The Super Duke is considered to be one great bike. Before the Super Duke, most motorcycles were just considered a fun mode of transportation. This was because most motorcyclists wanted to stay on the right side of the law and had to cap their speed to do so. When the 2005 KTM was released, riders went crazy for the V-twin, 999cc, 120bhp bike and a new era was born.

Another Ducati – The Sport 1000S

This Ducati is the perfect blend of modern and retro. It would be a gorgeous machine, even if sales were slow at first. When this motorcycle was first released, there wasn’t a lot of interest in retro in the market. Today, things have changed a great deal. Even David Beckham drives a retro bike, and it is suddenly cool to ride a retro bike. This Ducati is now one of the most popular bikes on the road.

MV Brutale Dragster RR

When MV Augusta announced they were producing an entry-level machine, some in the biking world were a bit worried. It turned out that all the worriers were wrong. This motorcycle is a beautiful machine that is lightweight and which can perform. The coolest iteration of the Brutale is the Dragster RR. This machine comes with an 800cc engine that can reach 140 bhp and is a lightweight monster.

BMW R nineT

This BMW has the boxer configuration that was popular all the way back to the R32, the company’s first attempt at a motorcycle. A success right from the start, this bike has been criticized recently for lagging the times a bit. While this may be a valid criticism, it isn’t smart to underestimate this BMW. As the cafe racer market resurges, this bike has a newly designed chassis and can now out-handle, out-brake, and out-accelerate any other retro bike on the road.

These are some of the coolest motorcycles of all time. Some are sleek, some are retro, but they are all the ultimate in cool.

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